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Freqently Asked Questions

No-Nonsense-Seminar 2023 FAQ's

1. What will my credit card statement say under payment for the seminar?

    ANSWER: The charge on your credit card will say "Lower Extremity Review". 

2. Where do I see confirmation of my registration and link to the lectures and how do I access the lectures?

    ANSWER: Confirmation will be sent by email. It will come from an email address You might need to check your SPAM folder and change your email settings to allow mail from You can use the link found in the email sent to you by RunTheWorld to enter the seminar. Once you click the link you will need to sign-in using the same email address you used when registering for the seminar. You can create your own password if you have not yet set-up an account. Once you are signed in the lectures are HERE:

3. How do I get my CME certificate?

    ANSWER: the CME certificates will be emailed to all attendees within 2-3 weeks of the conclusion of the seminar. There will be no hard copy sent to attendees. 

4. What if I have other questions?

     ANSWER: Email all other questions to or use the contact form on this website.

5. Will the No-Nonsense Seminar ever be an in-person event? 

    ANSWER: The Virtual Seminar has been such a resounding success that there are no plans currently to return to an in-person event. An announcement will be made on this site if that ever changes, but for the time being the seminar will continue on a yearly basis in its present form. 

6. When will the link to join the lectures be sent?

    ANSWER: You will get a reminder with a link sent at least 24 hours before the start of the seminar.

7.  Can I view the lectures on my phone?

     ANSWER: If you can use your phone browser (Android phones) you may be able access the lectures but it is best to use a laptop computer. If you have cannot view it on a laptop computer we may be able to help you view it on your phone. Please contact  If you have an iPhone or iPad you can view the lectures on our LIVE STREAM here:

Be sure to click on "LIVE" to view the live stream.

8. Is there a Virtual Exhibit Hall to see booths from sponsors and exhibitors?

    ANSWER: Yes!! You can visit the VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALL here:

9.  I lost the email with my CME certificate, can I get another copy.

     ANSWER: Yes you can log in and get another copy of your CME certificate. Email RichDubin@gmail for details.

10. What if I didn't get credit for all of the lectures I attended?

       ANSWER: You can request an attestation form to be sent to you. Email RichDubin@gmail for details.

11.  Can I view the program with iPhone or iPad?

      Answer: You can view it on our live stream here:

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